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How Does Remnant Advertising Work?

Remnant media & low-cost advertising are wonderful implements in the toolbox of successful companies everywhere. Remnant media is simply explained as advertising space or time that is unsold by the company that sells it.

Look at it like this: a Local TV station in NYC has 100 ad units available each week. Their local sales team does a great job and sells 87 of those ad units for the upcoming week. Well, what happens to the other 13 commercials that didn’t get sold?

There are a few answers. First, those spots often get bonused or gifted to clients of that TV station. But that doesn’t serve the TV station’s bottom line. More often, they are sold on a “Remnant Media” basis: stations will sell the inventory in a last-minute buying paradigm.

In order to sell this on short notice, and without a long-term commitment, TV stations will discount this inventory – almost like a fire sale. Once the week starts, if no spots run on those 13 vacancies, they can never be sold again.

Thus, media companies of all types have embraced partnerships with select companies, such as The Remnant Agency, to help move their expiring inventory. The inventory available is not better or worse, but equal. Our goal is to grab the highest targeted reach, by volume, at the best available price. 

Think about this: A plane flies from Chicago to San Francisco. There are 300 seats, but only 200 tickets purchased. Wouldn’t the airline make more money by selling those 100 open seats at a deeply discounted fare rather than just leaving them empty? Once the gate closes, and the jet taxis, those seats can never be sold again. Much like an airline seat, advertising time is an expiring commodity. Once its flight window has passed, the opportunity to generate revenue is gone.

Every seat on the plane brings you to the same destination, and sure there’s first-class (premium media options), but in terms of a standard flight getting you from A to B, really all seats are equal, even if they don’t all cost the same.


Explode your growth by expanding your reach and fueling on- and off-line sales.

Remnant and low cost television, cable, and connected tv advertising give you the ability to expose a wide, engaged audience to your business, product, or service. It allows you to actually demonstrate the benefits of working with your company.

TV Advertising

Of all the different advertising mediums available, few are as wide-reaching and effective as TV advertising.

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Connected TV

also called streaming tv and over-the-top tv, connected tv enables advanced targeting and tracking capabilities.

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Direct Response Advertising

DR advertising is excellent for rapidly generating leads or sales and creating immediate ROI, as opposed to traditional advertising, which is usually more focused on brand awareness and promotion.

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Don’t have a spot yet? If not, do not overpay! Production work is one of the primary ways traditional agencies rack up huge margin.

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The team at The Remnant Agency is honest, transparent, and amazing at media negotiations. I would recommend them to businesses looking to advertise on tv and radio.

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We’re Ready For A Challenge

Do you have a brand or business you’re looking to grow? Schedule a strategy session with our team today.


huge reach with local, regional, or national mass media flights

Our team has over 30 years experience in the radio industry- both buying media in addition to owning/managing radio stations. We are a trusted partner to every major broadcasting company nationally, regionally, and locally.

AM/FM Radio

Access premium inventory on all of the top Local AM, FM, and digital audio radio stations on a market-by-market basis. Managing multiple stations and ownerships across multiple markets is no joke. Our expert team puts the power back in your hands.

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Satellite Radio

Satellite Radio advertising on Sirius XM is a great way to reach large national audiences, with above average income segmentation. With access to audio feeds of Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and more, SiriusXM has become a mainstay for companies who leverage the politically charged 24-Hour news cycle.

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Digital Audio + Podcasts

Everything from Pandora, Spotify,, iHeart Media App to true programmatic DSP ad-stitched insertion ( DAI ) is available. We’ve negotiated the best rates and tested all viable strategies to give you the leading edge in digital audio advertising.

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Radio Ad Copy

It is imperative that the 30 or 60 second radio spot hits hard: establish the problem, explain your solution, and reinforce how you want your potential customers to connect with you.

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We’re Ready For A Challenge

Do you have a brand or business you’re looking to grow? Schedule a strategy session with our team today.


Billboards, Out-of-Home, Static, Dynamic

Out of home ads are hotter than ever. With the migration to an omni-channel approach where digital is no longer the only leg you can stand on, these large mediums offer advertisers great value while reaching their customers closer to the point of sale.

Digital Billboards

Get huge efficiency and the ability to change creative rapidly with our ever-evolving digital billboard network.

about Digital Billboards

Programmatic OOH

Our technology automatically purchases the targeted out of home media when a set of conditions are met.

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Get your brand massive exposure with bus, train, and subway wraps to hit both vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

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Are you ready to see what The Remnant Agency can do for you?

The scale of traditional media is unrivaled across any other marketing channel. Experience that reach, ROI, and scale at a fraction of rate card pricing. We look forward to meeting you.