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Our team has worked with countless brands and businesses in every aspect of radio buying, from selecting the best markets for your brand, finding the best remnant ad spots, and producing creative assets that win customers. Contact us today to learn more about how we buy remnant radio ads for our clients.

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Hit Local & National Markets With Radio Advertising

Radio advertising has evolved alongside the many new ways that listeners consume content and is more than ever an excellent way to grow awareness, build brand loyalty, and generate massive ROI. Whether your business serves a national or a local audience, you’re targeting B2B or B2C, or if you’re running a direct response or branding campaign, radio can be an effective platform to promote your business.

At The Remnant Agency, we make it easy for businesses to take advantage of radio advertisements. As a full-service radio advertising agency, we handle everything from buying radio ad slots to recording your ad. Our team specializes in securing remnant radio spots at a significant discount, allowing you to stretch your radio ad budget farther and maximize your ROI.

Why Advertise on Radio?

For years, people have turned to broadcast radio for sports, entertainment, and news. While AM/FM radio may not be as popular as in, say, the 1930’s, millions and millions of people still tune into their favorite podcasts, terrestrial radio, and satellite radio stations every day. Radio advertising is a memorable way to connect with a target market, create brand awareness, and encourage conversions.

Radio advertising is also the most cost-effective form of advertising when looking at efficiency, which only helps improve your campaign’s ROI. Compared to direct mail and print ads, some businesses can see a return of up to seven times their initial investment.

Thanks to high-value market segments, targeting a specific market is easy with radio advertising. Its overall extensive reach is instrumental in targeting the right radio listeners.

Our team is experienced in the ins and outs of radio buying, from selecting the best markets for your brand, finding the best remnant ad spots, and producing creative assets that win customers.

Where Do We Run Radio Advertising Campaigns?

We utilize several different radio platforms to expose your business to more listeners, help you target specific demographics, and promote your products or services. In addition to the traditional national and local radio spots, we run radio campaigns on satellite radio, streaming services like Pandora and Spotify, podcasts, online stations, and more.

National Radio

Businesses can ramp up visibility by purchasing spots on national radio stations. They share news, weather, syndicated radio shows like Hannity or Ryan Seacrest, and other information with people from coast to coast. While the cost of a national radio spot will be significantly more than a local radio spot, the efficiency is often an order of magnitude greater and you are sure to reach millions of targeted Americans every time your ad runs.

Local Radio

Local radio advertising is ideal for small businesses looking to make a big splash in their local or regional markets. Regional and local spots are ideal for building awareness for a brand, advertising an upcoming event or promotion, or even running a direct response campaign. If you haven’t seen the results you were hoping for from a social media marketing or search marketing campaign, you may want to try a local radio campaign.

Satellite Radio

Satellite radio has many distinct advantages over AM/FM radio spots. For one, satellite radio has 100% coverage nationwide, allowing you to reach millions of subscribers every time your ad is run. In addition, satellite radio has countless shows hosted by celebrities, giving your product even more credibility with listeners.

Internet Radio

Internet radio stations and radio applications have rapidly grown in popularity. Radio services like Pandora and iHeartRadio give listeners the ability to easily access the stations, programs, and music they love to listen to no matter where in the world they are. In addition to reaching millions of engaged listeners, advertisers are also better able to track and measure the results of their campaigns.


Podcasts are a more recent phenomenon in the world of radio advertising. Podcasts are like long-form talk radio shows that cover a plethora of topics. Podcasts are typically hosted on Spotify and other streaming platforms. One of the biggest reasons podcasts are an excellent way to promote a brand is how engaged and loyal the audiences are. Not only are podcast hosts able to build trust with their audiences, but audiences like to support podcasts by patronizing their sponsors.

The Remnant Agency has considerable experience with these platforms and can help you decide the best scale for your campaign. Our advertising experts can match your brand with a podcast or radio station that resonates with your target audience.

Why Advertise On Radio? Because It Works. Contact us today to find out how we secure primetime Radio spots at a fraction of the cost.

Types of Radio Spots

The type of radio advertisement you choose also affects your campaign’s success. Determining which type of spot to use for your campaign will help you successfully catch listeners’ attention. With everything from sponsored live reads to commercials and jingles, the right choice can make or break your campaign.

Radio Live Reads

During a live read, a radio personality reads your ad live on the air. This can be especially effective for building trust in your brand on national and regional scales. Audiences look forward to radio talent and trust their opinions, especially if they are celebrities outside of radio. If people hear a notable figure talking about your brand, they may feel more favorably toward it. Most of today’s ads are pre-recorded, so a live reading turns more heads.

Radio Sponsorships

Sponsorship can help you reach consumers during prime listening hours. Having your name mentioned during programs like the daily news, weather, or radio competitions will not only increase awareness for your brand but will keep it top of mind for listeners.

Radio Jingles

Jingles have been one of the most popular ways companies advertise on the radio. There’s no denying that music can create a memorable impact for your business. A catchy tune broadcasting your brand’s promotions will stick in listeners’ minds. Using a jingle in your campaign will increase brand recall and keep your brand at the top of listeners’ minds.

Radio Testimonials

Reviews from other people, or social proof, can be some of the most impactful ways to market your business, and current customers have some of the most influential opinions. A radio testimonial instills trust in listeners and gives them enough information to get interested in your company.

Hearing about real experiences builds credibility for your brand. A relatable advertisement doesn’t make your business look fake or flashy. If customers already like your offerings, the influx of customers will come quickly with radio testimonials.

Personified Commercial

Storytelling is a powerful and creative way to advertise via radio. By creating a radio commercial with relatable characters and matching sound effects, customers can complete the narrative while hearing how your business can help people like them.

Why Advertise On Radio? Because It Works. Contact us today to find out how we secure primetime Radio spots at a fraction of the cost.

How Much Do Radio Ads Cost?

Typically, radio stations offer slots of 15, 30, or 60 seconds. The radio ad cost varies depending on ad duration, the number of times you want your ad played, the station it’s running on, the number of listeners, the available ad time inventory, and production expenses. The more demanding these factors are, the more you’ll pay.

Prices for radio advertising can be as little as $25 or as much as thousands of dollars for a single 60-second spot. Depending on the market size and number of listeners, prices can vary drastically between regions. Radio stations offer remnant ads at heavily discounted prices to The Remnant Agency as a means of releasing the unsold inventory before it expires worthless.

You’ll often hear the term CPM, or cost per thousand impressions when discussing radio advertising costs. This number is the amount that you will be paying per 1000 listeners. So, if you are paying $3 CPM and the station has 100,000 listeners, the spot will cost $300.

Creating a Radio Ad

Depending on the type of radio ad you plan to run, the production approach will vary. For example, if you’re having the show host do a live read, all you’ll need to do is create engaging copy. If you’re planning to run a jingle, you’ll need to hire a professional musician or agency experienced with jingles to write, produce, and record the ad.

The Remnant Agency is a full-service radio ad agency which means we can handle everything for your campaign, including targeting, production, media buying at the lowest possible prices, and everything in between.

How to Measure the Success of Your Radio Ads

While radio ads may not be as intricately trackable as social media or paid search ads, this doesn’t mean you can’t measure the success of a radio spot. One trick advertisers use to track specific spots is to include a custom phone number or web address in each spot. This way, the advertiser can identify how many times each phone number or website was used to understand how effective the campaign was.

This works even better when paired with digital marketing analysis tools like Google Analytics or Call Tracking Metrics so that you can better understand things about your customers, like where they are located, how long they were engaged, and whether or not they converted.

Buying Remnant Radio Advertising

Like any other form of advertising, one of the primary goals for any radio advertising campaign is to maximize your ROI. We can help radio advertisers significantly increase their ROI by significantly decreasing their ad costs by purchasing remnant ad spots.

Remnant radio ads are ultimately no different than a standard radio ad. When a station or platform has an unsold radio spot, they will typically let the spot go at the very last minute at a significant discount to not miss out on profitability. Remnant radio ad spots are in high demand, so it’s best to work with an agency that understands the intricacies of advertising on radio.

At The Remnant Agency, we’re remnant radio advertising experts. Our team can help you find the national or local radio spot that gets you excellent results or help you determine the type of radio advertisement to employ. With years of experience creating engaging radio campaigns, our team can handle every step of your campaign, from planning to execution.

Contact us today to learn more about how remnant radio advertising can work for your brand.

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