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Though traditional radio is still a significant player in the advertising space, many listeners continue to shift to Internet radio services like Spotify to consume music and podcasts. . Spotify is a 16-year-old internet music platform with more than 83.1 million listeners in the U.S. If you're interested in advertising on Spotify, we can help you get it done. Contact us today to learn more about buying remnant ads on Spotify.

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Driving Engagement with High-Impact Audio Ads on Spotify

Spotify is home to a large audience, making it easy for you to connect with your ideal audience persona or personas. Though the platform has more than 80 million U.S. users, only half of them subscribe to the ad-free service. Spotify’s free service users can’t skip ads while listening to music and podcasts, meaning they have an advertising pool of about 40 million listeners and growing.

At The Remnant Agency, we specialize in running ROAS focused Spotify ad campaigns that produce results for our clients. We can help you with every step of the campaign, from creating an ad strategy, producing your creative assets, buying the advertising media, and tracking the campaign’s success.

Our Approach to Advertising on Spotify

At The Remnant Agency, we have years of experience crafting effective radio ads and securing the best remnant radio ad spots for our clients’ audio commercials. With the rapidly growing popularity of Internet radio, we have extended our service offerings to include Spotify advertising as well. We take a strategic approach to all of our radio ad campaigns.

Establish Targeting & Budgets

We start every campaign by establishing the audience targeting and budgets. There are several methods that Spotify makes available when targeting your audiences:

  • Genres: You can target listeners based on their musical preferences and the genres they listen to.
  •  Location: Spotify allows ads to target groups in specific countries, regions, states, and postal codes.
  • Real-Time Contexts: Some ads gear toward listeners during specific moments based on their listening categories. Contexts like “workout” and “relaxation” are helpful advertising identifiers for particular groups.
  • Age and Gender: On Spotify Ad Studio, you can target listeners aged 13 to 65 and over of any gender. Keep in mind the platform’s primary listening group is the age 25 to 34 demographic, and its user base is 56% male.
  • Interest-Based Targeting: You can target groups on Spotify based on interests like podcasts, reading, parenting, and more.

When running a Spotify campaign with the Remnant Agency, your minimum budget should be about $20,000 to $30,000 per month. We can reach far more listeners than a traditional advertising agency with your budget by purchasing remnant, or unsold,  advertising. Want to learn more about how we can use remnant ads for your brand? Contact us today to schedule a call.

Why Advertise On Radio? Because It Works. Contact us today to find out how we secure primetime Radio spots at a fraction of the cost.

Establish Goals

When planning a Spotify ad campaign, the next thing we do is to establish the campaign goals. These goals will include macro goals like ROAS and total sales and micro-goals like click-through rates, listen rates, and conversion rates to determine the campaign’s success. Spotify advertisements also give us access to metrics like completion rate, impressions, and reach to determine the campaign’s performance goals.

Whether we’re trying to increase awareness for your brand overall or drive sales for a specific product, it’s important that we outline the specific goals for our campaigns before getting into the specifics of the strategy.

Perform Market Research

If you are engaging The Remnant Agency to produce your ad creative, identify your target audience, and execute a successful Spotify ad campaign, you better believe we’re not just going to wing it.  When we plan our media buys, our decisions are backed by data from first and third-party providers and years of experience in the advertising world.

Depending on your product or service, our market research may be as simple as conducting conversations with your team to as extensive as engaging focus groups and test audiences to perfect the messaging. We know how important it is to hit the right audience with the right message, and we know what it takes to get it done right.

Produce/Review Creative Assets

Once we’ve nailed down targeting, we will produce creative assets or review the ones you have already created to ensure they align with our research. We can also take your existing assets and repurpose them to work in different formats, for example, cutting a 60-second ad into a 30-second ad.

Spotify offers several ad formats for businesses to use, including:

  •  30-second vertical video ads using mov or mp4 file types
  •  30-second horizontal video ads using mov or mp4 file types
  •  30-second audio ads using mp3 or wav files
Why Advertise On Radio? Because It Works. Contact us today to find out how we secure primetime Radio spots at a fraction of the cost.

Launch Campaign, Track Results & Optimize

When your ad is ready, we will launch it on your behalf and monitor the campaign’s results. We watch metrics like spend, listen rates, click-through rates, watch rates for video ads, impressions, CPM, and much more.

We use these metrics to analyze the effectiveness of each ad so that we can better optimize the delivery, targeting, messaging, or creatives for more effective ads going forward. If you’d like to learn more about our Spotify advertising process or any of our other remnant advertising services, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Common Questions About Spotify Advertising

How Much Does Spotify Advertising Cost?

If you were to manage your own spend, you could run ads on Spotify for as low as $250 – $1,000 per month. However, when you work with The Remnant Agency, our minimum Spotify campaign budget is $20,000 per month.

Usually, the CPM or cost-per-thousand-impressions for Spotify ads fall between $15 and $25, so with a $1000 budget, you’d get 66,666 impressions. One of the benefits of using a media buyer is negotiating on the rate, effectively getting more impressions for your budget. So, while the minimums of working with The Remnant Agency make it more “expensive,” the efficiency and ability to scale at a positive ROAS target make bringing in an expert worth it. Variables surrounding your ad, such as the ones below, will influence how much you could pay to advertise on this internet platform:

  • Channels Hosting Your Ad: Spotify has iOS, Android, and Desktop versions. If you have strict preferences on the channels hosting your Spotify ad, you could have a higher CPM based on the number of available listeners.
  • Targeting Settings: Your target audience influences CPM. Spotify offers several ways to target audiences to focus on groups most likely to respond favorably to your ad, including location, age and gender, interests, and genres.
  • Campaign Timing: Ads on Spotify can produce better results at a lower CPM depending on when you run them.

Do I Need Pre-Produced Audio Ads to Get Started?

You might assume you need to have a digital audio commercial ready before you can secure ad space on Spotify, but that is untrue. As a full-service advertising agency, The Remnant Agency will manage all of your audio campaign needs. Our ad experts can handle everything for the lowest prices, including commercial production and media buying.

How Do You Track Ad Performance?

We use various tools to track the performance of our Spotify ads. First, we use the internal Spotify reporting to understand how our ads perform on the platform. This is where we’ll get access to metrics like CPM, click-through rate, listen rate, and more.

In addition, we will also use third-party tools like Google Analytics and other conversion tracking software to see how users behave once they leave Spotify and enter your website or landing page. This allows us to understand what types of users are converting best and where we can allocate your marketing spend in future campaigns.

Why Advertise On Radio? Because It Works. Contact us today to find out how we secure primetime Radio spots at a fraction of the cost.

Buying Remnant Ads on Spotify

If you’re thinking of running an ad campaign on Spotify and want to stretch your budget as far as possible, contact The Remnant Agency today.  Our team can maximize your ROAS by purchasing unsold ad inventory at huge discounts just before they expire.

We have years of experience creating high-quality radio advertising campaigns for our clients that produce results. If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for your brand, click here to schedule a consultation now.


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