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At The Remnant Agency, we aim to provide companies with premium OTT advertising space at a significant discount. Our approach to buying unsold ad inventory lets us buy premium media at a fraction of the price. Many people falsely believe that there is no remnant inventory when it comes to buying ads on Sling TV, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you build visibility for your brand on Sling TV.

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What Is Sling TV?

Officially launching in 2015, Sling TV was one of the first streaming services to enter the market. It revolutionized the entertainment industry by allowing users to watch shows and movies from tablets, computers, televisions, and smartphones. These days, brands use Sling TV advertising to connect with more customers and boost their ROI.

One of the attractive features of Sling TV is that users can watch live television and on-demand content that they would typically need a satellite to watch. Instead of using a cable box or satellite, you can stream the service through a gaming console, media streaming device, smart TV, or smartphone app.

Why Advertise on Sling TV?

For one, users love Sling TV. They’re able to stream the content they enjoy in a user-friendly, intuitive interface. It’s also very reasonably priced and therefore has a broad audience.

Sling TV advertising gives businesses a unique opportunity to reach a more targeted audience by combining digital marketing data and strategies with traditional TV advertising tactics. By utilizing first and third-party analytics and data, advertisers can better segment the audiences to whom they deliver their ads.  This enhanced targeting allows advertisers to maximize the ROI of their traditional TV ads.

Another benefit of Sling TV advertising is that brands don’t have to worry about ad blockers or getting skipped. Commercials have a 97% completion rate since viewers can’t opt-out. Sling TV ads also boast a 100% viewability rate, giving brands the confidence that their ads won’t be shown off-screen or in a sidebar.

How We Plan A Sling TV Ad Campaign

Like any other TV advertising campaign, we must understand your target audience before anything else. Audience behavior and demographics are essential when deciding on the best messaging and where the ads will run. For example, most Sling TV viewers are younger, making it an excellent platform for products and services aimed at consumers 18-35 years old.

Once we segment your target audience, we collect comparative data to determine what ads and content your desired audience engages with most. Doing so will help you decide which networks and times to place your ads in for maximum consumer attention.

Once we’ve finished your media buying strategy, we shift focus to the creative. If you need assistance producing a commercial, our team is happy to help. If you already have a creative ready to go, that’s great too! At the end of the day, we just want to ensure that the creative and messaging align well with the brand and the target audience before running your campaign.

After launching your Sling TV advertising campaign, it is critical to keep track of your efforts with post-campaign reporting. Campaign data reporting can show you which ads your customers are responding to the most and help us to adjust and optimize your marketing efforts to reach more of your target audience and increase ROI.

Why Advertise On TV? Because It Works. Contact us today to find out how we secure primetime TV ads at a fraction of the cost.

What Types of Inventory Are Available on Sling TV?

Sling TV offers a variety of ad buying and ad inventory options, making it a very accessible OTT advertising option regardless of your product, targeting, or production budget.

Run of Network

Run of network advertising uses mass marketing to reach viewers on a national scale by placing ads in sporting events and premium programming. The inventory spans over 200 networks and 12 types of viewing devices, giving brands more opportunities to reach a massive audience.

Contextual Video

Contextual video advertising lets brands reach their specific target market by analyzing which networks and programs they prefer to watch. By gathering detailed viewership data, companies can determine which networks their consumers view the most and customize their advertising strategy based on consumer preferences.

First Party Addressable Video

Similar to contextual video advertising, brands can curate their advertising efforts to reach a more specific target audience and track their campaign through detailed reports.

First-party addressable video targets audiences based on their demographics, location, behavior, and several other factors, delivering personalized and scalable ad content through curated streaming services.

Addressable Advertising

Addressable advertising helps brands make the most of their marketing efforts by only displaying ads when the viewer is actively online. As a result, companies can get insight into various areas, including website traffic, location visits, sales match back, and more.

How Much Does It Cost to Advertise on Sling TV?

The cost of Sling TV advertising depends on a couple of different factors. First, advertisers must decide on the time slots and networks where they’d like to run their ads. It goes without saying that an ad run during primetime will be more expensive than an ad run at 3 am.

Once you’ve selected the ad slots, you bid on the spots against other advertisers in private auctions. These inventory slots can be live, on-demand, or on linear programming.

The cost of a Sling TV advertising campaign will depend on the ad slots you claim, the chosen networks, and what other advertisers are also willing to pay for the same slot. Since streaming services allow companies to reach a greater audience, the potential ROI is well worth the cost of a Sling TV ad campaign.

Buying Remnant Advertising on Sling TV

Another way to purchase Sling TV ads is by buying remnant ad inventory. When Sling TV has premium ad slots that haven’t been able to sell, they will cut the price of the ad inventory at the last minute so that they do not miss out on potential profits.

These leftover ads offer the same viewership potential at a much lower price. This means that brands can stretch marketing budgets further and maximize their ROI by purchasing unsold ad inventory. Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you’d like to learn more about buying remnant advertising on Sling TV or any other Connected TV or traditional TV networks.

Why Advertise On TV? Because It Works. Contact us today to find out how we secure primetime TV ads at a fraction of the cost.

Alternative OTT Advertising Channels

With streaming services becoming the new norm for home entertainment, brands and businesses are beginning to incorporate OTT advertising into their marketing campaigns. OTT advertising lets brands show their ads through internet services rather than traditional cable, giving them a greater audience and increased engagement. While Sling TV is an excellent option for running your OTT ads, here are a few other great options.

  • Hulu
  • Peacock
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Fubo
  • Pluto
  • Xumo
  • Philo

Let’s Talk Remnant Ads On Sling TV

If you’re ready to learn more about buying remnant advertising on Sling TV, shoot us an email and we’ll schedule a time to speak. We’ve generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for our clients and are excited to learn more about what we can do for your brand.

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