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How QR Codes Are Used In TV Commercials

If you’re looking for an innovative and fun way to differentiate the TV commercials for your product or service, QR codes could be just the thing you need.

‘QR’ stands for ‘quick response,’ referring to the fact that scanning a QR code is an almost instantaneous process. QR codes in television commercials are a creative way to generate engagement with your brand. They allow the viewer to quickly access your website, a promotion, or some other landing page,  creating a direct traffic flow.

QR codes might seem confusing, but they’re straightforward for both companies and consumers.

What Is A QR Code?

A QR code is a form of digital barcode with embedded information, and it uses a 2D image to encode data. This information is often in the form of a URL or link to a piece of digital media like a picture or a short video.

You can choose to link your QR code to anything on the internet. A mobile device can quickly scan the QR code to direct the viewer to a specific destination. A QR code can send the consumer directly to your website or even send them to a place where they can download an app.

Most smartphones have now integrated the ability to scan QR codes into their camera, making the process a breeze for consumers.

There are two main types of QR codes: static and dynamic. Static QR codes cannot be edited, whereas dynamic ones can be. This flexibility makes dynamic QR codes an excellent option for television commercials. They allow creative marketing teams to tailor the QR code to their company’s needs at a particular time.

How Do QR Codes Work In TV Commercials?

A QR code would appear on the screen at the beginning, end, or throughout a TV commercial. The viewer can then point a smartphone at the screen to scan the code and access your selected destination.

One significant component of using QR codes in TV commercials is taking advantage of the ‘second screen.’ Because the viewer is already on their phone, it becomes easy to interact with them.

Since using QR codes in TV commercials is a relatively new concept, there’s an aspect of novelty in addition to their interactive nature.

Viewers are attracted to your advert’s playfulness, creating a memorable experience. Ultimately, a QR code can increase brand loyalty, leading to a better reach, improved return on investment, and more sales.

How Are QR Codes Effective?

According to a September 2020 study, 32 percent of respondents had scanned a QR code in the past week. The same study found that QR codes have seen increasing use since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can also enjoy being an early adopter of new, innovative marketing trends. The use of QR codes is a modern take on the old infomercial, which encouraged people to phone the number on the screen to purchase a product.

What Advantages Do QR Codes Have In TV Commercials?

There are many benefits to running a TV commercial with a QR Code. The effort required to scan a code is low, a substantial advantage for your business.

QR codes also work well because they inspire the consumer to take action. Here are some of the significant benefits of using a QR code in your TV ad:

Create Shoppable Ads

One of the noteworthy uses of QR codes in TV commercials is for shoppable ads.

These commercials advertise the product and include a QR code that takes the consumer directly to the eCommerce website where they can buy the item.

Reduce Effort

Including a QR code in your commercial is efficient as it reduces the consumer’s effort to purchase the product or service. With a QR code, there’s less time between seeing the ad and searching for the product.

This effort reduction is an excellent tactic to increase sales, as people are more likely to buy when they are excited, and the ad is fresh in their minds. Anything that reduces the amount of friction between seeing the ad and purchasing the product or service is excellent for your business.

Entice With Incentives

Another primary use of QR codes is to simplify the discount process. For example, scanning a QR code can give you a 15% discount when you redeem it at a store, whether online on in person.

This discount adds an incentive for the consumer to use the QR code because there is a clear and immediate incentive.

Coupled with the short time between seeing the ad and making the purchase, it drives engagement and consumer purchases.

Track Your Success

Another significant benefit of using QR codes in your TV advertising is their easy tracking.

You can monitor how many people scan the code and access your website by using specialized landing pages or doorway pages. You can track the conversion rate, showing how many click-throughs translate into sales.

This level of detail is beneficial for determining your return on ad sales. Especially with dynamic QR codes, you can continually update your code to generate the best return.

Examples Of Successful QR Television Campaigns

In the last decade, QR codes have been adopted by almost every industry, vertical, and niche to make it faster and easier to get ad viewers where they need to go.  Here are a few examples of more prominent brands using QR codes on TV.

Burger King Whopper Campaign

One prominent example of a successful TV ad campaign using QR codes is the Burger King Whopper ad campaign. They used dynamic QR codes, which allowed people who scanned the QR code to claim a free burger.

The QR code was not merely on the screen but floating around to force consumers to take an active role in capturing the code. This movement turns scanning a QR code into a fun activity rather than an ad they passively engage with. We see this kind of gamification more often in advertising as a method to drive consumer engagement.

Burger King also used this QR code to improve downloads of their app. You had to download the app that contained the Whopper coupon to claim the free Whopper.

NBCU Lacoste Advert

During the French Open, the clothing brand Lacoste used a QR code to link to Lacoste’s website. Here, viewers could purchase Novak Djokovic’s clothing during the match.

That strategy worked because viewers would positively associate the clothes they saw, and they could immediately go to the website and purchase.

This strategy also reduces the amount of time and effort consumers need to purchase products. This shorter gap increases the likelihood of purchases because there is less time for the consumer to think their decision through.

This campaign also generated an impressive number of click-throughs, with 50 000 scans recorded in 5 minutes.

Chik-Fil-A Engages Mobile Users

World-famous fast food restaurant Chik-Fil-A started embedding QR codes in their TV commercials and various other promotional materials and brand materials. In this case, the QR code was used to drive users to their app’s download page.

By integrating this QR code into their commercials, signage, and other promo materials, they were able to increase mobile app downloads by 14%.

Zee TV Became Shoppable For Flipkart’s Big Billion Day

An Indian entertainment channel, Zee TV partnered with Flipkart to make daily soaps a shoppable experience.

By adding a scannable QR code in the daily soaps, Flipkart saw a dramatic rise in sales. The QR codes are linked to shopping experiences, ranging from mobile devices, fashion, electronics, home, and kitchen.

Use A QR Code In Your Next Television Commercial

QR codes in television commercials are a unique, fun way to capture viewers’ interest and get them to engage with your ads.

Scanning a QR code on a smartphone means that viewers are more likely to follow through once seeing the ad. Then, the short time it takes to reach their destination makes them more likely to purchase your product or service.

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